Thursday, 24 May 2012

May 24: Welcome to Trinity

Trinity college

 Our chapel at Trinity

Alex drinking port at the beer cellar in the college.

How many books have I read from here?!?

A list:                                                                                                                                                        
1. There are no ice cubes, or very small amounts used here.
2. Someone lied, it is so hot and there's no air conditioning.
3. Everyone will wear whatever they want regardless of weather, so at 90 degrees wool coats are acceptable.
4. No large drinks, as in those huge cups we get at a restaurant at home. Water comes in like basically a tiny shot glass, and no refills. But good news you can drink pints and pints of beer, starting at noon.
5. They really do wear Harry Potter robes here.
6. My camera is saying "catastrohpic failure" when I plug it in.

Today was hotter than the past two, the morning is alright but afternoons are too hot. I haven't been this hot all the time since I went to Mexico. Strange. Today we had more orientation, I won't bore you with details. Then we got to go to our colleges! I am a member of Trinity College, which is one of the best here at Oxford. There's only 300-400 students so it's pretty small and everyone knows one another. We learned how to go to the library today. It's our own personal library and it's definitely not what I was expecting but very pretty. People have actually moved in for exams. There are toothbrushes and clothes on desks. Picture Harry Potter without all the magic. Yes, they really do live in the college. Anyways, there's a large "lawn" which is like the British version of the drill field, except only croquet is allowed. We got to eat in the dining hall today too, which is only like 4 lbs. for a full meal. Every night at dinner is a three course meal and you're required to wear robes... we will see how that goes. I already was a good student and borrowed a book from the law library down in the library, so basically im an Oxford scholar now right?

After all that, we had our first class with Dr. Snyder this afternoon. We got to go to his flat where he is staying, because it was so hot. I think that we got cheated, his rooms are way too nice and the girls have decided to call parliamentary procedure and switch with him. We didn't know what we were missing. But he made up for it by taking us to an Indian restaurant, which was delicious. Lots and lots of Indian food here.

On to London tomorrow to find my Olympian!

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