Tuesday, 29 May 2012

May 29

May 29

Sunday started the real studying. I haven't blogged because there's not a ton to say. Now the work has started and I sit at my desk long hours every day. They weren't kidding when they said Oxford was hard. I think I could read for 2 weeks and not know enough to write this paper. My tutorial is in English Common Law and this week I have to write a 6 page paper on international vs. domestic law in Britain. This is actually really interesting, but it's very overwhelming because I'm not familiar with it. Instead of reading a law text and it referring to things like the Bill of Rights or The Constitution, it refers to EU laws or British Common Law. So I read for that all day on Sunday, then we went to Evensong at Trinity. That was an experience. There was the choir, the President, and two other people, then us. Embarrassing, we stuck out like sore thumbs. The preacher, or whatever they call it was a woman. I assume this church was an Episcopal church. It is a gorgeous church, and the choir was wonderful. The lady prayed for the Queen during service which I find so cute. She also prayed for "female bishops" so I was just a little confused. After church we went to the quad where the chapel provides sherry for everyone in service. Really, alcohol is served everywhere and for everything, even church. After that we all went to dinner at a really good Thai place right down the street from my apartment. Then back to studying for me.

Monday, we had class cancelled. I should've been working harder on my paper but it's hard to get started. Anyways we layed outside in the quad for awhile and watched the boys from Michigan play soccer. Then I decided to go on a run. The trail right behind my house leads up and down the waterways of the Thames. Right down the trail it opens into this big meadow called Port Meadow. Its a beautiful meadow with horses and cows just roaming around, and some paths going through it. I ran back the other way and found Abbey Road. Not the original of course, but if all else fails I can just pretend like thats the real thing.

We got really hungry after all that, and all I wanted was something greasy and American to eat. Its like a whole new world over here. I haven't been eating anything fried or soaked in grease. So it was time for a pizza. Good thing theres a good ole American Pizza hut up the road. Well we get there but its not so American after all. The waiter seats us (sit down restaurant), and he loves our accent. We of course tell him that we love his. He said "Oh I thought that was 10 years ago! There's not many Hugh Grants left." Anyways we dressed as American as possible in Nike shorts and t-shirts just cause we can. This was the only place we've been that had free refills, so we devoured diet coke. After stuffing ourselves, it only took 2 hours to get the check. They don't work on tips here so service is sometimes really terrible. We've decided to make it a weekly outing to Pizza hut and wear our big tshirts, just for some America time every now and then. I can't always pretend to be fashionable and not sloppy every day!

We went out to this club called the Bridge last night. It was pretty fun, but British people, and I think Europeans in general love the techno club mixes. It's terrible really, just give me a regular song to dance to. So everyone is terrible dancers, and they just hop around to crazy techno music. It was still pretty fun though. We had a fiasco and I think one of our group's girls purse was stolen, with her passport. Then we came back and hung out with the Michigan boys. For some reason even though we had class today I decided to play soccer in the courtyard till 4:45 this morning. We finally went inside because the sun was coming up. At 4:45! It's light for sooo long here.

Anyways, back to more studying for the next 48 hours till my meeting with my tutor thursday!

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