Friday, 25 May 2012

May 25: London

And y'all thought we had bad allergies in the south or at Mississippi State? I have never in my life been as allergy-ridden as I was today in London. The pollen was actually attacking people. Everyone around was sneezing. But other than that, LONDON WAS WONDERFUL! I'm telling you people I'm moving here and never coming back. It's amazing to me. We took the bus and drove to London. We drove all through Westminster the city, and Picadilly Circus, Whitehall, all the really nice shopping and then the really nice houses. Houses across from Hyde park cost approximately 75 million American Dollars, excuse me what? I need to be a royal. Today confirmed it. I understand why everyone is completely enthralled by Kate and William, and actually the Queen. It is all so beautiful, and I think that I wouldn't mind having a monarch. Who cares about democracy, give me the crown jewels!

Her Majesty's Grocery store

Big Ben and Parliament

 Changing of the guard

We took a walking tour around Parliament, and then down to Westminster Abbey. I just wish we had time to go in all those places. We walked through the Royal park to Buckingham Palace. Unfortunately you can't get that close easily, because of her Jubilee this saturday and then all the work that's going on. But we did get to see the band march out at the changing of the guard. That was worth it, all the soldiers in their bear hats. Then we made it over to Trafalgar Square. We met back with our cute little tour guide Brian Murray to go to the Churchill War Rooms. We passed Horse Guard, which is where they are holding the volleyball in the Olympics this summer. I got a picture with a soldier in his full uniform, and I must say he was quite nice. I told him thanks and I think he may have winked at me. They say some of them can get pretty mean, but he was almost smiling. Then I got to see 10 Downing Street, or what you can see from the blocked off street. They let little school kids in, but not really the public. So then we went through the Cabinet over to the War Rooms from WWII and where they held all their meetings. It was definitely cool, and the museum to Churchill was nice. I would say that if I only had an afternoon in London, that would not be my first choice to go see. Then we went back to the National Gallery, and saw some amazing art. Still looking for the Crown Jewels though.
The Olympics in 63 Days!

 Horse Guard, where volleyball will be played

Those boots gotta be hot

Well that's all for today, so ready to pass out. I have walked miles covered in pollen, and everyday here you just feel gross.

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  1. This is all so wonderful! Minus the pollen...yuck! I'm SO excited for you and what you're experiencing!!! Stay safe!!